At Esse Duo, we aim to connect.

Like the two hands of a clock, we too work together to provide a well-rounded, complete experience. We write not only to understand ourselves, but also in the hope that you too will learn about yourself from our content.

Our two main branches, focusing on escapism and realism, aim to emulate the facts of life itself. We believe that life is not always theoretical and abstract, and equally that life is not always practical and concrete. Here, we reconcile this dichotomy, and give you the tools and ideas you need to form your own philosophies.

Hence, ‘Esse Duo’; the essence of two.

What People Say

Esse Duo is deep for the readers, one way or another it connects with our personal story. It tells the story we all have been quiet about.

Priscilla Malar, M.D.

Very well written and relatable to the masses. Insightful and interesting to the readers as the topics addressed are very relevant and close to heart in everyday life.

Yazween Yahya

I find your writing is very impressive and expressive. Facts are delivered articulately and creatively. Well done!


Let’s build something together.