8 Reasons to Move Away From Home

It is only natural that at a certain age, anyone would feel a strange, and intense desire to move away from the childhood comforts of their own home. It’s like a calling. Sometimes, the need to move out feels necessary, before your life could effectively begin anew.

Not everyone could possibly relate to the urge, however. Some may even question the logic of wanting to move out. In all fairness, we might not even have a solid answer for that ourselves.

People leave home not because they have an answer for it. They leave because they are in search for one. That’s absolutely fine. The only thing constant about life is that it is ever-changing, after all.

It is a frightening thought for sure, but there is also thrill and excitement. Venturing out on your own in a place without familiar faces, and without the very people you grew up alongside with, is in itself, an opportunity for growth.

However, it is not about where you end up, or the kind of answers you find. It is all about the journey; the process of growing.

Here, let us get to know eight reasons why anyone would want to move away from their home. Understand that the thoughts and feelings that come with it are absolutely understandable by your terms.

Growth isn’t something that happens within the confinement of one’s bedroom. It starts by venturing out into the world, and experiencing every feeling that comes your way.

1. To take charge of your own life

Moving out has got more to do with looking for liberation than privilege. When you’re a single youth taking on the big city, it is the same old world, but with new lessons to learn from.

You don’t have to move away to someplace far. You could take a stepping stone to even a neighbouring community or a nearby district. The idea is in simply setting out on your own.

You can’t walk your way through life being handheld. I’m also willing to bet that you wouldn’t have it that way either. People and places aren’t exactly the most reliable at staying in our lives the way we’d want them to. Our first-degree relatives and significant others are no exceptions to that rule.

As much as you’ve spent many years preparing to move out, real maturity is in knowing that the act of moving away is, in and of itself, a preparation for a much larger responsibility. That includes your capability to uphold yourself. You’ve got to get that settled first before you could do so for others.

To achieve independence is no easy feat, but it is part of the growing up process. And working to overcome that fear is part of the process, too. It will be easier for some than it will be for others. Nevertheless, nothing ventured means nothing gained.

2. The search for happiness

Happiness can be found in just about anywhere. However, that is a very personal matter altogether. “Anywhere” could also be someplace specific. You couldn’t always know where it is precisely at, but you can know where it’s not.

As you grow older, even your definition of happiness changes. By venturing out on your own, you are more likely to figure that out for yourself.

Sometimes, it is the smallest things you could do for yourself that will make you appreciate life and yourself a whole lot more. That is what self-love is all about, really; to find your worth as your own person.

Happiness found at a personal level is different than the kind of happiness we find from having others. You will realise that you don’t need others to be happy, and that you are capable of finding your own happiness.

Though to have the companionship of friends and having the comforts of familial warmth is nice, that shouldn’t stop you from doing something nice for yourself. You’ve got to be responsible for your own happiness, and to each their own.

3. There are dreams to be discovered

When you’re out there against the world, you will develop a clearer idea of what it is that you want in life. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about others’ judgements influencing your every decision. Your only focus is to improve yourself, and to build on the life that you’re willing to work for.

The best thing about discovering new ambitions and setting new goals for yourself is that you will strengthen your resolve to never stay the same person you are today. More importantly, you’ll continuously work toward self-betterment.

When we find new things to work for, we will adjust ourselves in a way that increases our likelihoods to better achieve them. We will see a gradual (or sometimes, drastic) change in our personality, worldview, and future outlooks. It’s a good practice for nurturing optimism in oneself.

4. There are dreams to leave behind

To leave something behind doesn’t always make it a failure. You could always have a change of plans for more rewarding, daring goals for yourself.

Whenever you leave to settle in someplace new, you’re bidding many things and people farewell, even if only temporarily. And when you do come back to them, I doubt you would return as the same person you once were.

You’ll be glad to have left because you will see your former hopes to be nothing, except a pleasant motivation of your past that got you working to where you are and will be. As for your folks, you’ll be ever more grateful for their contributions to your journey, and the active roles they have played in your life.

5. You can learn more from the mistakes that are actually your own

It is a no-brainer that anyone could make mistakes only to later learn from them.

The world is unforgiving as it is. On many occasions, you won’t have many people to always turn to for help. That teaches one to be resilient and resourceful in one’s capabilities. Above all, it hones your adaptation skills for independence, and by extension, survival.

The best thing about learning from your own mistakes is that you will be able to hold yourself accountable over your own mishaps. Essentially, resentment and blame won’t be the solutions to your problems.

You are left with no other choice, but to face the consequences of your actions.

6. You could use some soul-searching

Granted, having to let go of something, or someone, can be a painful experience to endure. When you feel stripped of the very things you cherish, you hardly ever recover to be the same. Some part of you will go with it.

Ever wondered why people who go through a loss often travel; go soul-searching to some faraway destination?

They do that because they need to take in some sense of sentimentality from someplace to compensate for what they’ve recently lost. It doesn’t make up for the loss per se, but a change of setting does provide some relief, as they are taking a step back from where the pain and their troubles originated from.

If you’re confident in your level of maturity, by all means you deserve that breath of fresh air. You could leave for any reason at all, perhaps for college, career opportunities, or even to settle in a place that has your favourite cuisines. You could always keep moving forward.

7. To get more exposures to the larger world

It has been established that the world has so much opportunities to offer. It’s high time for you to see new places, meet new people, and indulge in other cultures.

You could be a tourist, even. Make some new friends along the way, and learn more about the place you’re at and the places you’re headed to. Embrace the unknown and take in all its wonders.

So, don’t stop at nothing. It is okay to take things slowly, but don’t allow your life to feel or become stagnant. To live is to gain new experiences, so get out there and have some good ones.

8. You don’t see a future for yourself in your own home

At some point in our lives, we can get ruthlessly ambitious. It’s a specially odd feeling; a fusion of a passionate flair and unwavering intentions. You’d go to great lengths to achieve those ends.

Home is not a place. It is a feeling. And there will come a time where that feeling of home becomes nothing but in short, a distant memory. There may be residing sentimental values towards the place. After all, it is a place of your upbringing. However, that is all it is and quite possibly will be: a memory.

Home is a feeling. And like most other feelings, you are going to want to venture out far and wide to rediscover them, and find where you truly belong.

Sometimes, creating distance between yourself and others can be a healthy thing to do. The truth is, not everyone is capable of validating others’ emotions either. Nevertheless, you could always do that for yourself; cater to your own wants and needs. Maturity comes at a price.

Ideally the time you spend away from someone should also be spent productively. That means, you leave so that you’ll have a home to come back to. Perhaps it’s for the best, too. It means anything could happen once you return.

Get out there and grow to become your best possible self. Be more than the person you were before you had set out for your journey. Stay safe!

8 Reasons to Move Away From Home?

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