The People Pleaser – A Poem

Walk around and you'll see the man, the man in the Vans,
The man who doesn't know how to keep his hands,
Away from his face, out of his personal space.

He's the kind of guy to dress like a fool and do your favours,
No matter how cruel, whatever the flavour,
He's looking for affection, a real connection.

He's the weakest link in a social situation,
The butt of the joke on all occasions,
He's a here and a there, nowhere and everywhere.

The type of dude who doesn't know what he wants,
Apart from to rock, to and fro, as his mind rots,
Got a mind of weakened will, not worth the single cheapest thrill.

When he's flown, and managed to evade your detection,
You know you can find him in his filthy bedroom,
He'll be sobbing away, demon's at bay.

You know the man, he's just like me, he's just like you,
He's the people pleaser.

You know the man.
You know the man.
You know the man.

He's the people pleaser.

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