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The Dynamic Of A Pram – A Poem

Innocent, you looked upAt the world that walks and talks,And you tried to sit upTo absorb the wonder of it allYet you yourself were restrainedBy harsh black Velcro that had you framedLike a crayon picture for motherly inspection.Restrained, thus detached,From your mother and the world:One only needs logicTo systematise the effect of this cause.It was…


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Points of View

See life as we know it from a whole new perspective. Feel free to join in through our comments section; we think its fun to have opinons up for debate!


Learning new things can be fun, but the envionments we learn in aren’t always enjoyable. If you’re in an education-pinch, why not browse our helpful tips and tricks?


People are complicated, but that doesn’t mean relationships have to be. Here, we’ll provide some guidances (and grievances) regarding relationships of any kind.


Here we explore the fascinating science behind the quirks of the human mind. For a crash-course in psychology, this is the place to be!

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Poetry; a delicate expression of the soul. In this category you will find an ever-expanding anthology, containing all kinds of different imagery and themes in a variety of styles. Enjoy !